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LinearIND is a specialized digital agency that is dedicated to helping industrial companies establish a strong online presence. We assist our clients in developing their online content, strategy, and the proper foundations for marketing initiatives in these sectors.
We serve clients in a variety of industrial sectors, including oil and gas, aerospace, manufacturing, distribution, automation, construction, telecommunication, mining, and agriculture. Our services are available to clients in the USA and Canada, and we have offices located in Los Angeles and Vancouver, BC.

What We Do

Brand Strategy

Our industrial clients have achieved great success with our brand strategies, which have helped them identify the essence of their brand and value proposition, and effectively communicate it to their customers.

Content & Video

We create assets that showcase your brand, products, and services. Our team uses compelling content, including words, imagery, graphics, and videos, to provide customers with the information they need to make informed purchase decisions.

Organic Search (SEO)

LinearIND has had incredible success with our search engine optimization services, and SEO is one of the most valuable offerings we provide for our clients.

Website Development

Our team at LinearIND specializes in developing industrial-focused websites that are responsive and designed to accelerate the B2B sales cycle. We have a proven track record of reaching and engaging customers and prospects through our web properties. Additionally, we have experience developing online selling platforms, including Magento, a simple Stripe cart, and hosted Shopify sites.

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What People Say?

"While the markets slowed during the pandemic and in-person sales calls came to a halt, we relied on LinearIND to step up our on-line marketing, SEO, and detailed product listings on our website. We've now continued with those initiatives to great success and record sales."

— Ryan P, Accu-flo Meter Service Ltd.

"LinearIND has been providing us with industrial marketing and strategy services for over 15 years, consistently exceeding our expectations. Our Corporate Video was shot, edited and delivered withing four days."

— Rob R, DNA Data and Networking

"LinearIND recently completed a second redesign for us, and the feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive. The website redesign showcased our installation services through several project case studies highlighting our expertise and capabilities. We understand the importance of demonstrating our value proposition for our customers and use various techniques to showcase our offerings in the best possible light."

— Patrick M, BKS Cablecom Systems Ltd.

Our Blog

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Why do we do industrial marketing?

Cameron Pashak October 2023
As the world continues to transform digitally and businesses are driven by data insights, marketing for B2B industrial companies faces unique challenges. With industry-specific barriers and a constantly evolving digital marketing landscape, it can take time for these companies to keep up while remaining practical. The B2B industrial sector is expected to reach over $20 trillion by 2030, making it crucial for these companies to utilize the right marketing strategies to stay relevant.

In my opinion, a marketer should focus on providing value to their clients by implementing an effective marketing strategy tailored to their specific sector needs. With so much information readily available on-line for non-industrial companies, industrial businesses need a specialized marketer who can provide them with valuable insights and help them execute their marketing plan in a way that drives results. An excellent industrial marketer should be able to understand their client's target audience is different from traditional markets; they need to develop a clear message and identify the most effective channels to reach that audience.

Ultimately, the value of an industrial marketer lies in their ability to help their clients achieve their business goals through strategic and effective marketing.


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